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Benefits that you will get

      1. We are experienced Facilities Managers from renowned facilities.
      2. Experienced from accreditation from JCI and MSQH for health care industries.
      3. You can focus major attention to operation/ production/ facilities effort 
      4. Project and maintenance personnel can be trained and received advice from professional engineers. 
      5. The maintenance crews can improve their skills and knowledge on the engineering fundamental and trouble shooting rather than reactive methodology.
      6. Developing maintenance system in line with ISO 9001:2000 system or any other quality standard that will improve workers productivity and product quality. 
      7. Reduction in tension build up within the organization during the change process
Ultimately you will save money in term of equipment ROI, longer life and better performance equipment.
Our Vision is to become the leading consultant service provider in South East Asia in engineering and reliability field. We aspire to develop effective engineering and maintenance system for our client.

Our Mission is to help our clients improve their business performance by focusing on engineering system excellence in both their improvement projects and operational activities.

Our Values are:

We provide education, training and implementation (consultant services) using the following the continuous improvement cycle. We strived to bring up the standard reliability work to a world class level.

We work as advisors and trainers depending on the facilities and plant’s needs. 

The process improvement approach we use is outlined below:

  1. Create plant/facilities awareness through seminars and maintenance audit in preventive maintenance, maintenance planning, maintenance scheduling and more.
  2. Maintenance audit – to identify gap and create awareness
  3. Implementation – usually in the areas of maintenance planning, maintenance scheduling, preventive maintenance, root cause analysis or spare parts management
  4. Implement key performance indicators and do maintenance audit after 1-2 years again.

Apart from the above service we can also assist in:


Ir Al-Khairi Mohd Daud 
P. Eng, C. Eng, MIEM, MBA
Principle Consultant
Mobile: +6 019 217 4647

Suite 1208, Level 12, Amcorp Tower
Amcorp Trade Centre,
No. 18, Persiaran Barat,
46050, Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel: +6 03 7948 5201 Fax: +6 03 7955 6363


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